Bagpipe stock

This sheet shows the bagpipes with immediate delivery

Bagpipe are delivered with a bag or suitcase to choose from, also carries a spare of chanter reed, spare valve, chamois, lubricant for the corks, nozzle of the chanter, and a key for the valves of drone, which already has incorporated. The bag is Gore-tex and the dress can be changed by another one that appears in the sheet of "dresses"


Bubinga Do-N: 790

Mocambo Do-N: 930

Mocambo Do-N: 900

Granadillo Do-N: 1.130

Buxo Do-N: 1.130

Granadillo Do-N inox adornos buxo: 1620€

Granadillo Si-b- inox adornos buxo gravados: 2.400 €

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