Our bagpipes

This sheet shows bagpipes that we are currently building.

Bagpipe are delivered with a bag or suitcase to choose from, also carries a spare of chanter reed, spare valve, chamois, lubricant for the corks, nozzle of the chanter, and a key for the valves of drone, which already has incorporated. The bag is Gore-tex and the dress can be changed by another one that appears in the sheet of "dresses"

Buxo anelada en inox.

Buxo anelada en metacrilato

Granadillo anelada en inox.

Granadillo anelada en metacrilato

Mocambo anelada en inox.

Mocambo anelada en metacrilato

Bubinga anelada en inox.

Bubinga anelada en metacrilato

Granadillo con anelas e espigos en inox. e con adornos de buxo

Granadillo con anelas e espigos en inox e adornos de buxo gravados

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