This workshop begins its activity in the year 1986, and its principles are the improvement of the Galician bagpipe as the the traditional musical instrument and the authentic symbol of Galiza.

The innovation in the materials and in the shape, united to the work of improvement, do that the final result marry in the tradition and in the modernity allowing enjoy of a traditional sound but refined, and of an sober instrument and natural but with the most novel technical contributions.

Like important characteristic, the bagpipes have an amply tessitura and characterize by combining sweetness and power of harmonic form.

Another innovation is the fact of having made bagpipes that can be played so much in closed as in open
(to see fingering) the one that facilitates the recovery of the closed fingering.

And already how recent we have the valve of drone, piece that gives solution to the problems of synchronization of the drones with the chanter, so much in the beginning as the end of the interpretation, and that it improves the variation of the drones considerably.

In relation to the tonalities manufactured, the range goes from the G 4ª until the E 5ª.

Regarding spares, has own manufacture of Chanter Reed and Drone Reed as well as bag breathable of three layers.

All this work has like reward the appreciate of numerous bagpipers resort to this workshop to buy and improve his instruments.

Components of the workshop: Leonor and Afonso







External sight of the workshop


Seen of the interior of the workshop

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